New in WhatsApp: activate ephemeral messages by default

WhatsApp is launching two new features: ephemeral messages by default, and new durations for automatic message deletion.

Enable ephemeral messages by default on WhatsApp! © WhatsApp

How to enable ephemeral messages by default on WhatsApp

You can now choose to enable automatic deletion of messages on WhatsApp. The option is then applied to all new conversations. All you have to do is access the settings (iPhone) or settings (Android) of the application, then:

  • Account,
  • Confidentiality,
  • Time before Disappearance.

You must then select the default duration:

  • 24 hours,
  • 7 days,
  • 90 days.

WhatsApp specifies that the activation of ephemeral messages only concerns new chats: your current conversations are not affected. You must pass on each chat already launched to change this setting, if you wish. Also, when you create a group, the application offers to activate ephemeral messages.

If you create a new conversation, with automatic message deletion enabled, WhatsApp notifies your caller of the selected duration. You can obviously change this setting in the aftermath, to deactivate the transience or adjust the lifespan of messages in a conversation.

1, 7 or 90 days: the lifespan of ephemeral messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp also adds two lifetimes for ephemeral messages: 24 hours and 90 days. Previously, when you turned on automatic message deletion, it was performed 7 days after sending. Now you have more choices. You can use these options for new messages (default rule) as well as for ongoing conversations.

WhatsApp news illustrated: choice of expiration time and indications to the interlocutor © WhatsApp

These new features are being rolled out on the WhatsApp application.

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