New Lime scooters with exchangeable batteries are launched in Germany

The sharing service provider Lime started adding the new Gen4 model to its e-scooter fleet in Munich on Thursday. It has an exchangeable battery that can also be used in e-bikes.

On November 19, 2020, the US rental service Lime had the fourth generation of its electric scooters under the model name Gen4 presented. Initially, the French capital Paris was equipped with the Gen4.

Limes Gen4 starts in Munich. (Image: Lime)

Exchangeable batteries can be used in scooters and pedelecs alike

The advanced Gen4 scooter should be used in other European cities from the first half of 2021. Now the time has come: Lime will be the first city after Paris to equip Munich with exchangeable battery scooters.

Particularly interesting: The Gen4 scooters use the same exchangeable batteries as the Lime in the pedelecs presented in March 2021 will use. This makes e-scooter and pedelec rental interoperable at their most essential point.

The new e-bike from Lime uses the same exchangeable battery. (Photo: Matthew Reamer)

Gen4 is specially designed for safety and durability

In addition to using an exchangeable battery, when designing the Gen4 scooter, Lime paid particular attention to safety and durability. This was made necessary by the corona pandemic. Lime had to take a break from around the world for several weeks in 2020. The lender used the time to make its own business model more “resilient”. The key component here: robust, low-maintenance and long-lasting rental vehicles.

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All improvements at a glance: Lime Gen4. (Image: Lime)

The Lime Gen4 is the result of these considerations. Safety considerations have ensured that the scooter got significantly larger wheels, improved suspension and double-sided hand brakes. In addition, the handlebars are now pulled back slightly. This should ensure a more natural arm position while driving. A deeper focus should convey a feeling of security. Reflectors around the scooter ensure better visibility in the dark.

To ensure the longevity of the product, the Lime developers rely on a waterproof, high-strength aluminum frame. A new double-sided stand should prevent the vehicle from tipping over, and better operating software can diagnose errors early on. In this way, Lime aims to achieve a lifespan of five years for each Gen4.

A weight increased by ten kilograms can be taken as proof of the new robustness. A more powerful engine should offer a better ability to cope with inclines. And the engineers have also tweaked the range. It should now be 40 kilometers.

That yourself Lime chose Munich as one of the first cities in the world after Paris for the introduction of the Gen4, speaks for the size and importance of the rental market in the Bavarian capital. Lime recently cracked the two million trip mark here.

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