New train fleet could come from Russia

Flix Mobility also operates a train company in Germany. (Photo: Flixbus)

The Munich-based company Flixmobility wants to expand its train range – more than 60 new trains from Transmashholding could soon be delivered to the startup.

Low ticket prices and bright green as a distinguishing feature: In 2017, Flixmobility, which until then was mainly known for its Flixbus offers, entered rail transport for the first time. The first own, bright green painted trains. There will probably be more of these in the future – a Russian company should now be in discussion for production.

With Flixbus and Flixtrain: Startup focuses on expansion – and could get one of the world’s largest train manufacturers on board

Flixmobility is on the road to success, in June 2021 the Munich startup came to a total value after another financing round three billion dollars. A little later one followed Press release, which announced the “biggest expansion since its existence” for the Flixtrain offers. In addition to the German routes, the green trains will also run through Sweden in the summer of 2021.

It is precisely this planned expansion of the offer that Flixmobility also has to take care of expanding the vehicle fleet in the rail sector – and according to one Business Insider report negotiations in this regard should already be underway, a contract is expected in a few weeks. According to research, the negotiating partner is the Russian Transmashholding (TMH), headed by the two oligarchs Andrej Bokarev and Iskander Makhmudov – who have so far not only made positive headlines with their business outside the railway industry. TMH itself achieves annual sales in the billions through the production of locomotives and trains, but also through maintenance contracts, making it one of the world’s largest train manufacturers.

Flixmobility: “No comment” on alleged negotiations

For Flixtrain, it would be a cooperation with the European subsidiary of the Russian group, according to Business Insider, “more than 60 trains with four to ten wagons each” are to be delivered. The official statement from Flixtrain to the business magazine was cautious: “No comment.”

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For TMH, a cooperation with Flixtrain would be a further step into the European market; in February 2021, the German subsidiary of the Russian company had already set up a first maintenance location in Bavaria with the contractual partner Go-Ahead Bavaria.

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