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The cryptocurrency market is constantly on the move. In our news blog we keep you up to date on the developments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and all other important coins. Here you can find all the latest crypto news at a glance.

How’s it going right now Bitcoin-Course? Which cryptocurrencies are currently experiencing soaring and which political decisions are currently shaping the market? You can find out that and much more in our blog on the topic of crypto news. Here we go:

FAQ: All information at a glance

What crypto news can I find in this news blog?

The world of cryptocurrencies is developing rapidly. After a price explosion in early 2021, it was not only Bitcoin that plunged. Given the volatility of the market, it is important to have as comprehensive a view of the latest crypto news as possible. Regardless of whether it is about the latest news about the big crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase goes or technical developments and updates of the individual currencies.

In this news blog, we therefore not only focus on individual crypto currencies, the performance of Coinbase and Co. on the German stock exchange or the latest crypto hype from Elon Musk. Rather, we would like to give you the relevant news from the area New Finance and present crypto up-to-date and around the clock.

More than just crypto news: where can I find further information?

t3n not only provides you with news about crypto currencies and the current price developments. You will also always find helpful advice, detailed analyzes and extensive guides from the fields of crypto and digital currencies. These include, for example, our practice guides on the topics “Taxing Bitcoin and Crypto correctly” as “Investing securely in cryptocurrencies“. The blockchain and thus also the various crypto coins and the topic of decentralized finance (defi for short) are part of Web3. We have our best articles on this topic for you clearly summarized.

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Why are crypto rates rising or falling?

Daily forecasts for the rates of Bitcoin, Cardano, Etherum and Co. are hardly reliable. Anyway, an investment should be well thought out and designed for the long term. Still, there are some obvious factors that affect crypto prices. These include, for example, the investments of large companies or wealthy individuals such as Elon Musk, who are often the first step in an upward trend in prices or continue to fuel it. Political action is also crucial.

Because many large states are still not sure how to deal with the topic of crypto currencies. For example, if China has the Bitcoin miners in the Sichuan region cut the power or India announces to ban Bitcoin, this can have a direct impact on the courses. However, these can also be short-term fluctuations that have evened out again within a few weeks. We will also inform you about such crypto news at t3n.

In which cryptocurrency should you still invest now?

Is it still worth getting started with crypto currencies and if so, which ones? Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered in a few words. As with any investment, you should only take money into your hand if you have gathered enough knowledge to be able to evaluate the opportunities and risks in a well-founded manner. If you are regularly informed about the most important crypto news, you have already taken the first step. But background knowledge is also important.

So you can find out from us why you want a Investing in the fun currency Dogecoin should be carefully considered and what is behind the Dogecoin competitor Shiba Inu Coin plugged. We also took a closer look at other ways to invest in cryptocurrency:

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