NFT to celebrate the Copa América won by Argentina

Leo Messi and his Argentina they came out with their heads held high from the confrontation with their long-time rivals from Brazil during the final of America Cup held in recent days at Maracanã. To celebrate the conclusion of the tournament properly, the South American federation CONMEBOL has decided to make some available NFT dedicated.

CONMEBOL and Ethernity Chain for the NFTs of the Copa América

The initiative was implemented in collaboration with Ethernity Chain. There are four digital assets available, one for the trophy awarded to the national team coached by Mr. Scaloni, two for the teams that competed for him in the decisive match and one for the award assigned to the top scorer of the competition, needless to say the number 10 of the Selección .

We currently have no news of NFTs created to celebrate the victory of theItaly a Euro 2020.

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