Nintendo Switch Oled, officially unveiled features and price

Appointment for 8 October for the debut of the new, expected, version of the hybrid console

(Photo: Nintendo)

Nintendo Switch You are is official and will see the light next autumn 2021: the improved version of the hybrid console of the Japanese brand confirms most of the rumors leaked in recent months by increasing the quality not only of the screen, but also several other components of the technical data sheet and at the level of functionality. The price doesn’t go up too much compared to the most updated version currently on the market.

Aesthetically, very little changes apart from naturally more important dimensions given the display that goes from a 6.2 lcd to a 7 inch diagonal oled with much thinner frame. The improvement of the rear stand is significant, which from being small and on one side now becomes wider and occupies the entire width, with the possibility of choosing the preferred angle of inclination. In addition to the classic red and neon blue color, the pure white version also appears.

The Nintendo Switch Oled data sheet

We can only start from display which is now organic in nature to the advantage of a more accurate control of brightness – as each pixel is backlit – being able to generate deep black and therefore more realistic and vivid contrast and shades.

The internal memory now rises to 64 GB for more storage space (expandable via microsd) and on the dock the lan port makes its welcome appearance for faster and more stable wired web connection. It is to be hoped that the detachable Joy-Con controllers have been improved: the hope is to finally say goodbye to the drift problems, which have plagued the first and second versions of the console.

Capitolo output: no 4k for now, but full hd at 60fps in dock mode and hd in portable mode.

Price and release of Nintendo Switch Oled

(Photo: Nintendo)

The European debut will take place on 8 October 2021, corresponding to the launch of the new one Metroid Dread. The American price is $ 349.99 that’s $ 50 more than the upgraded standard model. It is likely that it will cost us in Italy therefore 379,99 euro, but for now on the official site Italian there is no definitive indication.

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