ninth record Martian flight

Come expected, the NASA provided all the details relating to the ninth flight of Ingenuity, the most risky among those carried out so far, considering the distance to be covered and the landing area. The helicopter is now south of the Seitah region, where the rover will head Perseverance in the next weeks.

Ingenuity beats all records

The flight took place on July 5, after sending the instructions to the onboard computer. Ingenuity has traveled 625 meters, flying over the Seitah region and arriving at its destination after 2 minutes and 46 seconds. The helicopter struck very record: distance, duration and speed (5 m / s). The difficulty of the flight was due to the algorithm used by the navigation system.

NASA did not plan to carry out such a large number of flights, flying over land with sandy dunes, like that of the Seitah region. The algorithm assumes that the information received from the navigation camera (in black and white, positioned under the helicopter) is relative to flat ground. The engineers then modified the flight instructions to reduce speed when Ingenuity flies over non-flat areas. This made it possible to reduce the error of direction and to complete the mission.

In the image you can see the path of the ninth flight. In the next few days, the color images of the Seitah region and the area called Raised Ridges that will be visited by the rover will arrive. These are the current positions of Ingenuity and Perseverance:

Position Ingenuity - Perseverance

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