NOKIA decoder, top of the range at 49 €

This excellent decoder Nokia is designed for those who do not want to compromise when preparing for new digital terrestrial DVB T2. The top of the range, the best you could wish for, at a decidedly low price: just € 49.99 is enough to take it home from Amazon. It has everything it needs to work well even after the switch is complete and there are additional features as well.

New Digital DVB T2: the best Nokia decoder is on Amazon

a design super attractive, minimal and compact. This little gem is designed to take your TV to a new dimension and allows you to do it quickly and easily. Its user interface will guide you towards an effective configuration, but at the same time very simple: a few steps and you will be able to see your favorite programs in very high definition.

There is no lack of support for the codec H.265, fundamental for the new standard, but there is also support for the Dolby Audio Plus for decoding the audio of many channels that transmit in high definition. This is not a specific note and it is dangerous: if you buy a decoder without this feature, many Italian programs could see them without hearing the audio. A nice hassle, which you can avoid by checking the support for the “ac3” codec, which this device has.

The icing on the cake is the ability to insert a pen USB (but also a hard disk) and play your favorite content on board: photos, videos, music files. A real media player, in conclusion.

Your deal on Amazon with this decoder Nokia you do it now: you prepare yourself best for the new digital terrestrial DVB T2, without sacrificing an excellent balance between quality and price. Complete your order now, take it home for just € 49.99 and also enjoy absolutely fast and free shipping, guaranteed by Prime services.

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