Now you can share a tweet directly in Instagram Stories

It will no longer be necessary to screen the tweets that we want to share in the Stories: the social network has run for cover with a new function (available only for iOs, for now)

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Tired of making screenshots of the most beautiful tweets that appear on your timeline and then sharing them in stories Instagram? Twitter has just introduced the solution for you and now just a touch will be enough, your time and the aesthetics of your profile are saved.

Twitter has just added the ability to share a tweet directly in the stories. Just choose the option “Share“Under a tweet and then select”Instagram Stories“. The tweet will appear as a movable and resizable sticker in size. Tapping tweets can’t (yet) return directly to Twitter, but at least now they will look good. Unfortunately for Android users, the feature is only available for iOs for now.

pls stop posting screenshots of Tweets on IG Stories. you can now share Tweets directly on iOS.


— Twitter (@Twitter) June 22, 2021

Twitter is said aware that many of its users share tweets on other platforms and has stated that it will make sure to improve this experience as well. It may seem a small change but it is part of a fairly full-bodied stream of news that Jack Dorsey’s social network is introducing to keep up with other platforms, after much criticism.

The company recently added two more main features to allow users to monetize their tweets: paid subscriptions for premium content, known as Super Follows, and events for which you will pay a ticket. Small changes to the “quality of life” on social media that can be convenient for many.

Even if the option that many have been asking for for years and that has never been revealed is that of edit a tweet after having already published it. But now, waiting for the Edit button, we can share a brilliant and correctly written tweet.

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