Nvdia and AMD video cards are returning to list prices

It is no longer necessary to shell out even more than double the original value to take one home Video Card of last (or penultimate) generation: the models produced by Nvidia e Amd they are in fact returning to the list prices gradually around the world, returning the condition to the traditional one before Covid-19. Two different studies have highlighted how these hardware components highly sought after by gamers are easier to buy without having to give in to blackmail. scalper and businessmen. The collapse of cryptocurrencies is one of the contributing causes of this much anticipated decline.

The first study was published by 3dCenter and refers to the market of Germany and Austria to represent the European situation: the prices of the video cards of the Nvidia Geforce and Amd Radeon lines are back to normal, indeed we are also beginning to glimpse some discounts that are going down even below the list price, something utopian until a few months ago between a shortage of lots and inflated costs. In detail, the Radeon Rx 6000 series is cheaper than the price list, the Rx 6500 Xt is at -23% while the Rx 6800 is just above, 3-6%. Nvidia’s prices range from -16% for the Rtx 3090 Ti to + 16% for the Rtx 3060 Ti for an average of 2% above the list price. The second study is from DigitalTrends and refers to the American market with prices collapsed by 15% compared to May to reposition itself on the list or a little more for Nvidia while Amd is also at a discount.

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What are the reasons for this decline? The first thought certainly goes to collapse of cryptocurrencies in combination with mining almost completely shut down in China (but unofficially no), which eliminated massive purchases of the few available lots by increasing the offer. The other two reasons are the upcoming release of the Amd’s new Nvidia Rtx 40 and Radeon 7000 families and a physiological drop in prices that usually involved the summer.

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