On WhatsApp and Co .: These were the most popular emojis in 2021

Whether on WhatsApp, Telegram or in e-mails: Messages without a suitable emoji are clearly in the minority these days. The messengers meanwhile offer several hundred pictures that can express pretty much any emotion without having to describe them in more detail in words.

The “Unicode Consortium” now has a ranking of the most popular emojis of the current year released. We present the top 10 here in a row.

WhatsApp, Telegram and Co .: These were the most popular emojis in 2021

WhatsApp and Co .: These ten emojis were the most popular in 2021.

Unicode Consortium

Just like in the last study in 2021, the smiling face with tears in the eyes is also in first place this year. There is no change in second place either, the red heart has been able to establish itself here. The top 3 completes the “Rolling on the floor laughing” emoji, to a certain extent the counterpart of first place in an inclined position.

A few places further ahead than two years ago is now the thumbs up, closely followed by the “loudly crying” smiley. As in 2019, the clasped hands secure fifth place in 2021 – one place further back we now find the “kissing” emoji.

This year, the smiling face with a little heart took seventh place, and the emoji, which has hearts instead of eyes, came eighth. The top 10 are completed by the smiling face with smiling eyes and the “party cracker” emoji.

You can find the detailed list with all emojis with this link.

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