OnePlus is working on a “Pro” version of its OnePlus Buds

OnePlus will market in the more or less near future a Pro version of its OnePlus Buds true wireless headphones.

OnePlus launched quite late on a market today extremely buoyant, that of true wireless headphones. The OnePlus Buds are quite successful headphones, with a very interesting price / quality ratio, but like Apple, it seems that the Chinese brand is working on a Pro version. Here is what we know.

OnePlus is working on a “Pro” version of its OnePlus Buds

Last year, OnePlus launched its OnePlus Buds, a rather affordable pair of true wireless headphones at € 89. It was pretty obvious that this price positioning targets users who may want true wireless headphones without spending too much money. What about customers who have a larger budget?

A few lucky ones will be able to test them in preview

There are plenty of alternatives out there today, and it turns out that OnePlus will make this list even bigger. Indeed, the Chinese manufacturer is working on a Pro version. It is the company’s Lab site that reveals the information. A Pro version is well under development and the best part is that if you are curious and / or interested, you can sign up to test them.

According to OnePlus: “Can you have what it takes to be a tech influencer? Join The Lab and you will have the chance to be among the first to test our brand new Nord 2 Series and Buds Pro products. ” At present, very little is known about this Pro version of the OnePlus Buds, but there’s a good chance that active noise reduction is in the game (where the current version only offers noise reduction. passive noise).

If you are interested, you can register (for free) on the OnePlus website and if you are lucky, you could be among the first to test this new product from the brand.

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