ONLYOFFICE: a collaborative and secure office suite for teamwork

At the heart of a hybrid world between face-to-face and teleworking, it is necessary to rely on collaborative online tools such as the ONLYOFFICE office suite. Overview of its solutions and the benefits for the teams.

ONLYOFFICE, an interesting alternative to Microsoft Office 365.

An office suite designed to facilitate collaboration

Designed to promote team collaboration, the ONLYOFFICE suite has all the office and productivity applications necessary for the daily work of your employees, whether for the creation and co-editing of documents or for the management of projects and clients more generally. . This office suite has a secure online version, which makes it easy to connect to it at any time.

ONLYOFFICE has 3 different online collaborative solutions (Docs, Groups and Workspace), detailed below.

1. ONLYOFFICE Docs: spreadsheet, word processor and presentation tool

This online solution allows you to create and edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations, which fit perfectly with common Microsoft Office formats such as docx, ppt, xls, pdf, txt, csv, etc. ONLYOFFICE Docs has the advantage of having advanced collaborative features including two co-editing modes: collaborative writing in real time and locking a paragraph during editing. It is also possible to leave written comments and discuss via an integrated chat.

ONLYOFFICE Docs, the alternative to Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

2. ONLYOFFICE Groups: the online collaboration platform

Under the Apache license, this open source productivity tool has key features to centralize the work of your teams:

  • document management : you can centralize all your documents in a single location, and assign access levels according to users and groups.
  • mail management: you can connect several email accounts on the platform and thus communicate more quickly with your contacts.
  • CRM : salespeople have tools available to help them optimize customer relations by more easily managing contacts and associated tasks.
  • project management: you can create Gantt charts to better visualize the progress of projects over time, and generate reports to measure team performance.
  • creation of calendars: it is possible to add calendars and share them with your team. You have an option to set reminders and add future to-do items.
  • information sharing: you can community through blogs and forums, create polls and share information in the form of the knowledge base.

ONLYOFFICE Groups, an all-in-one collaborative platform.

3. ONLYOFFICE Workspace: the complete productivity suite

Accessible directly on the Cloud or on site, this last solution is the most complete for teams, with all the web applications necessary for collaboration. It integrates both ONLYOFFICE Docs and Groups, and it also has instant messaging for faster exchange with your employees, without having to go through a third-party application. Another advantage: it is possible to personalize the workspace: color themes, logos, titles, links, etc.

On the security side, here again, the tool meets the expectations of companies: open source code, GDPR compliance, permission management (read only, full access, etc.), access control (single SSO and two-factor authentication), backup automatic data to prevent loss of documents, encryption to protect stored data …

Attractive rates for businesses and free services

ONLYOFFICE has the advantage of being an office suite equipped with real collaborative functions to save your teams time, while guaranteeing the security of your data.

The prices vary according to the solutions and uses (commercial or not):

  • For ONLYOFFICE Docs, the lifetime license starts from € 1020 for commercial use and for a simultaneous connection of 50 people.
  • For ONLYOFFICE Workspace via the Cloud service, the price is per user and per month. You find an interesting business plan at only 4.2 € per use per month. This secure cloud suite is free for up to 5 users.
  • ONLYOFFICE Groups is an open source platform, so you can use it for free.

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