Opera browser optimized for Chromebooks

The Norwegian software house announced today that Opera is now the first Chrome alternative for popular users Chromebook. The browser is based on the Android version, but there are some optimizations that allow you to take advantage of the larger screen, as well as keyboard and mouse.

Opera for Chrome OS: exclusive features

The Norwegian company immediately clarifies why it was necessary to offer an alternative to Chrome on Chrome OS. More than 30 million Chromebooks were sold in 2020 and the number will increase to 40 million in 2021, as the devices are perfect for mobile work and remote learning. With Opera you can access several exclusive features, without the need to install other applications or extensions: Free unlimited VPN, ad blocker, blocking of popups related to cookies e wallet for cryptocurrencies.

One of the most useful features is undoubtedly the integration of Twitter and messaging app. In fact, it is possible to access WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram and Facebook Messenger directly from the sidebar. There are also five colorful themes for light and dark modes. The night mode, on the other hand, reduces the emission of blue light so as not to tire the eyes in the dark.

Opera for Chrome OS supports several keyboard shortcuts, such as Ctrl + T to open a new tab or Ctrl + L to move the cursor to the address bar. Thanks to the functionality Flow you can synchronize notes, files, images and links with other devices. With the mobile version it is sufficient to frame a QR code.

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