Oppo chooses the Amazon Web Services cloud

Oppo announced that he had chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a platform cloud to offer better solutions to users around the world who use the operating system ColorOS. The Chinese manufacturer will leverage AWS for storage and security services. The deal will likely also apply to OnePlus.

Amazon Web Services per Oppo ColorOS

Oppo explains that, thanks to Amazon Web Services, it will offer more secure storage services. Users will be able to keep photos, videos, contacts and other data securely in the cloud. For functionality we will use i AWS servers located in France, India and Singapore, oltre a vari servizi: Amazon Aurora, Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), AWS CloudTrail, AWS Key Management Service, AWS Network Firewall, AWS Certificate Manager e AWS Artifact.

David Gu, Managing Director of OPPO International Internet Business, said:

Oppo has always been focused on offering the best possible user experience. AWS’s industry-leading cloud capabilities allow us to rapidly deploy our services based on this technology to provide users around the world with a smooth, simple and secure experience. In fact, thanks to AWS cloud security services, we will be able to further improve data privacy and the protection of our proprietary ColorOS operating system on all Oppo devices.

In the last ColorOS 11, based on Android 11, there are three features that guarantee maximum security: Private System, Private Safe and Personal Information Protection. Private System allows users to create a separate account, where apps and data run independently of the original account. Private Safe instead, it allows data to be stored in an encrypted space protected with a password. Personal Information ProtectionFinally, it allows users to submit a blank data form, avoiding revealing personal information to apps.

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