Our test of the Lamborghini with the Alexa voice assistant on board

Navigation, comfort, safety and entertainment: these are the new connected services of the Modenese house

This is one Lamborghini Huracan EVO. 5.2 liter naturally aspirated V10 engine. A power of 640 cavalli and a couple of 600 newtons per meter that push the Sant’Agata Bolognese bull to cover 0-100 in 2.9 seconds for a maximum speed of 325 kilometers per hour.

The Lamborghini Connect system

Today, however, we want to focus on more than its sporting performances its related services. It starts from Omegna on Lake Orta from the historic one villa 9090. Once on board, Lamborghini Huracan EVO connectivity is literally at your fingertips thanks to the new touchscreen 8.4 inch positioned right in the center console. It is located above the power button. Yes, even on this model, it is start it is protected like on airplanes.

The new layout is very intuitive and features three large hexagonal buttons dedicated to Vehicle, Media and Telephone. Six other buttons lean against them. Three on the right dedicated to Phone App, Sound and Navigation. Three on the left to enter the Setting of the car, radio and Alexa.

Its purpose is to free the driver from any useless manual gesture and any too complex procedure. The functionality in the car concern the Connected Navigation provided by Here and Inrix with real-time traffic information. To her is added a infotainment that in addition to lean on web radio, comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The new Lamborghini Unica app

But with the model year 2021, this super sports car can be controlled through theUnique application, then remotely. Several new services safety & security. Among the first is the Geofencing, which allows you to receive a notification every time the car leaves the safety area or enters the prohibited area. Both can be set by the owner every time he lends the car to an area that the user can freely define. Here you can also manage the duration of these limitations.

Among the parameters highlighted by the Speed AlertInstead, we find the maximum speed that the car owner does not want to be exceeded by whoever is driving the car. Ditto for the function Valet Alert which sends a notification every time the car exceeds a radius and a maximum speed starting from 20 kilometers per hour. It was created to check the car when it is delivered to restaurant and hotel parking attendants.

Lamborghini Huracan EVO with Alexa voice assistant

Finally, the lucky owner can also decide how long he does not want the car to be used. This is the case with the Curfew Alert. Once the curfew duration has been selected, a notification will go off if the car is moved within this time interval. Obviously the car is constantly geolocated. In addition, every time the engine is switched off, Lamborghini Huracan EVO transmits the GPS coordinates of its position.

These are so-called services Peace of Mind, that is, designed for the total serenity of the customer. Even more connected news in car. Huran Evo, in fact, is the first super sports car of the Casa del Toro to benefit from the OTA service (Over-The-Air) for the infotainment system. This equipment allows the exchange of data between the car and the central server for updating its software via smartphone.

How Alexa voice assistant works

The co-star of this test drive is theAlexa voice assistant. Compared to other competitors, Lamborghini Huracan EVO is the first car in the world that allows such Alexa to access various car management information. In fact, just say “Alexa open the dynamic control menu”To get the screen with the power distribution of the AWD system, the oil pressure and more.

In fact, Alexa can move quite freely. You can ask her “Alexa, set the vents to mixed”To cool off the boils given by the energy of this car. Or ask “Alexa, decrease the temperature by one degree ”but also just say“ Alexa, I’m hot”To see the thermometer drop one degree.

There are really many commands in Italian that Alexa can perform. These concern the air conditioning of the passenger compartment including ventilation; the interior light; the brightness of the monitor; setting the navigator and searching for specific points of interest. These in particular are very useful while you are traveling and you can’t find a place to stop and type in addresses.

Lamborghini Huracan EVO with Alexa voice assistant
Lamborghini Huracan EVO with Alexa voice assistant

Hands behind the wheel, the internal microphone placed above the driver receives the orders and Alexa carries them out flawlessly. To always have a perfect result, however, it is necessary to keep the windows up and leave the car in Street mode. In the modes selectable from the Sport and Corsa steering wheel, the petrol-sound Lamborghini Huracan EVO also confuses the Amazon assistant.

In addition to the complete management of sources and music, Lamborghini engineers ensure that the functionalities and utterance with which to get the Alexa services will grow. Over time they will also be more natural. Also through Alexa it is possible to access the contacts of your smartphone to call and activate the services of smart home.

Honestly asking Alexa to turn on the Roomba vacuum cleaner on board a Lamborghini Huracan EVO, it seemed too much for us too! Attention, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto disable Alexa functions. But I have to say, it was the first time I didn’t need to activate mirroring on my smartphone.

The delivery to the first customers of the Lamborghini Huracan EVO with the Alexa voice assistant is already underway. Advised price 184.034 euro, excluded taxes.

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