Own photos in cartoon characters: AI app turns everyone into a Pixar star

Anyone who likes animated films will That’s AI Artist Photo Editor love. The free app can turn your photos into beautifully designed 3D cartoons. There are three different styles to choose from. Simply select a photo, start the calculation and here: The masterpiece is finished.

That’s AI Artist Photo Editor is free for Android available, the iOS version Voilà for iPhone and iPad is also free. Limitations are waiting times, full screen advertising and watermarks. The pro version is unfortunately only available as a subscription for a few euros per month.

Voilà AI Artist Photo Editor: KI creates 3D cartoons

Voilà AI Artist Photo Editor: Transform photo into 3D cartoon.

Image: Benedikt Schwimmbeck / CHIP

As if from a Pixar animated film, the results of That’s AI Artist Photo Editor out. It is only thanks to artificial intelligence that the finished cartoons are so cool that manual work would be enormous.

Important: Your photos will be sent to the Wemagine.AI LLP servers for calculation. The manufacturer of “Voilà AI Artist Photo Editor” is based in Canada and promises to delete the images after 24 to 48 hours. Nevertheless, only use photos of people whose consent you have given.

You can That’s AI Artist Photo Editor either take a photo with the camera, choose a picture from your gallery or use the integrated search function to search for pictures of celebrities on the web. In addition to the 3D cartoon style, there are also paintings, 2D cartoons or caricatures to choose from.

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