Panasonic TX-55JZW2004 Test | CHIP

The most obvious feature of the new Panasonic TX-55JZW2004 is the nostalgic swivel base. This allows the 4K TV to be swiveled a few degrees to both sides. In principle a useful thing – provided it was a liquid crystal screen. It is known that the contrast and color of such displays fluctuate depending on the viewing angle. It would be practical to be able to align the screen optimally to the changing seating position. But OLEDs do not have this viewing angle effect. This does not necessarily reveal the benefit to us. Rather, it means that acoustically sensitive people have to constantly re-measure the loudspeakers.

Otherwise Panasonic developers have mainly thought of the gamers this time. Two of the four HDMI ports can now transport 4K content at 120 Hertz in accordance with specification 2.1. Thanks to the variable frame rate (VRR), they display the game more smoothly, without tearing and, thanks to the “Automatic Low Latency Mode” (ALLM), with less delay. However, only the extended audio return channel at port 2 reproduces high bandwidth audio signals.

The TX-55JZW2004 has the usual two triple tuners for television reception via cable (DVB-C), satellite (DVB-S2) and terrestrial (DVB-T2). In addition, it can also pull linear TV programs from the Internet in accordance with the IP TV protocol. Of course, only if it is connected to the router by cable or WLAN – it does not have its own modem after all. Non-linear access to the media libraries of the TV stations and most popular streaming services is also possible in this way. However, the Disney + app is still missing. The slipper cinema can be distributed to smartphones or tablets in the home network using IP TV.

As already mentioned, the newly developed remote control now has a microphone through which the television also obeys words – provided that the way you speak is intelligible. There are now also quick access keys to the most important apps. The television can even be integrated into KNX-enabled smart home systems. When the doorbell rings on Sunday evening, you no longer have to get up from the scene of the crime just to see whether the killer is already at the door.

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