Panos Panay is also on the Sonos board now

Just a few hours ago, the entry of Panos Panay – one of Microsoft’s big managers – on the board of directors of Sonos.

Panos Panay on the Sonos Board of Directors

Currently, Panay heads the Windows and Devices division of Microsoft. However, this did not of course prevent the manager from joining the board of directors of Sonos. Mike Volpi, chairman of the board of directors of the company, is counting heavily on the arrival of Panay and on the contribution that his experience can guarantee to the company:

“Panos offers extensive experience in creating powerful and engaging consumer hardware products and experiences that customers love, on a global scale. He understands how hardware and software work together to deliver easy-to-use products and deliver a great experience. His resume, coupled with his passion for Sonos, will make him an impactful contributor to the company’s continued success. “

A news that comes a bit surprising, considering the role already covered by the manager, but not too much: after all, one of the members of the board of directors of Starbucks is Satya Nadella, just the CEO of Microsoft.

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