Pegasus used by at least five European countries

NSO Group has confirmed that Pegasus has been used by at least five European countries. The revelation was made by Chaim Gelfand, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, during a ‘hearing to the PEGA committee of the European Parliament. The countries are unknown, but at least one contract has been terminated. The executive promised to provide “more concrete numbers” to parliamentarians. Pegasus also used in Europe The PEGA committee was set up to investigate the use of Pegasus and other similar spyware, following the discovery that the NSO Group tool was used to spy Emmanuel Macron (President of France), a senator of Poland, several Catalan politicians and the Prime Minister of Spain. Some Catalan politicians have called for the NSO Group to be banned, such as happened in the U.S. Gelfand admitted that Pegasus was sold to at least five European countries and that a contract was terminated after discovering irregular use of the tool. NSO Group has always maintained that software helps prevent terrorist attacks or other serious crimes. In fact, many governments have used Pegasus to spy on dissidents, journalists and political opponents. MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld has declared that Gelfand did not answer several questions. Pegasus exploits the zero-day vulnerabilities of the operating system (iOS and Android) and messaging apps (in particular WhatsApp) to listen to conversations, read messages and collect numerous personal data, without user interaction (exploit zero- Click) This type of spyware is mainly used to target known people, but it’s always best to install a good one security solution to avoid risks.This article contains affiliate links: purchases or orders placed through these links will allow our site to receive a commission.

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