Phishing with PayPal to steal bank details

Researchers from Avanan (a company acquired by Check Point Software in late August 2021) have discovered a new phishing campaign that uses PayPal’s notoriety to deceive users. Cybercriminals attempt to obtain bank details to cancel an alleged purchase. The best solution to detect and block this type of threat is to use a good antivirus. AVG offers various products at discounted prices for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Phishing and spoofing to access the account Avanan experts had discovered a phishing campaign at the end of 2021 that exploited an alleged order from Amazon. Spoofing attacks with PayPal have increased since April. The technique is similar: Victims receive an email confirming payment for an order with PayPal. There is no link in the body of the message, but a phone number is indicated to call to cancel the transaction (the purchase of about $ 509 in Dogecoin).Email fake di PayPalThe first goal of the cybercriminals is to obtain the victim’s phone number which will be used for subsequent attacks. If the unsuspecting user calls the number, the scammers will try to trick their credit card information (including CVV code) to cancel the transaction or make a refund. Of course the bank account will be emptied in a short time.This type of cyber attack can be stopped with a security solution, but above all with greater attention from the user. Simply read the sender’s address of the email, do not call anyone and check if the purchase results in the PayPal account.This article contains affiliate links: purchases or orders made through these links will allow our site to receive a commission .

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