PlayStation 5: New console model should be launched soon

A source said there will be new ones soon PlayStation-5-Consoles will give. He doesn’t just mean supplies for the PS5, but actually slightly modified console hardware. This information comes from the hands of the Twitter channel “F5 RestockAccording to this, there was information from suppliers who will soon deliver the new PS5 consoles to Amazon Germany.

According to the informants, the “new” PlayStation 5 should have been equipped with different fans. It is currently speculated that these run a little quieter than the first PS5 model. In addition, the DualSense controller of this version should be kept completely in black. These rumors have not yet been confirmed.

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Buy a new PlayStation 5: There is probably a catch

However, the sale of the next PS5 replenishment should have a big catch. Accordingly, the contingent should be consoles for Amazon Vine act. Vine is an Amazon club for product testers. There is no simple registration for this program. Instead, Amazon selects review writers through a selection process and invites customers directly via a link.

If you are one of the Amazon Vine users, it is still possible that you will not receive a PS5. The test contingent will probably be very limited. Due to the current sales situation for the PlayStation 5, only longtime Vine users should get the chance of a console.

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