Pokémon Go turns 5 and drives even the over 60s crazy

Huge success among the over 60s in Japan, including Mario’s dad, Shigeru Miyamoto

(Foto: Pokemon)

Pokémon Go celebrates its first, glorious, five years of life with a special event which pays homage to one of the most popular video games ever. From the incredible boom of the debut from 2016 to today, the Niantic creature has been able to resist thanks to constant updates, fishing from the immense database of Nintendo monsters and fully exploiting the potential of augmented reality. It is curious to find out how in Japan the most assiduous players are all quite mature, in the over 60 bracket.

In 2016, Pokémon Go had become a global phenomenon, shattering every download record and showing how the virtual world could very well mix with the real one thanks to augmented reality and geolocation in which you became the avatar of the game, moving through streets, squares up to inaccessible places. Niantic has kept the interaction high with many new features such as the companion Pokémon, special searches with exclusive rewards, the possibility of take pictures, but also to fight the Team Rocket as in the animated series up to Mega Evolutions ea new dynamics.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, it seemed the word had come to an end to a game based on being outdoors and physically meeting other coaches. And instead Pokémon Go he adapted thinking about safety. For the five years, special content such as i Flying Pikachu with five inflatable balls and the ability to capture Darumaka (also shiny). The appointment is from today 6 July at 10 am to 15 July at 8 pm.

Who will not wait to leave in search of new monsters is for sure Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario who is a regular player of Pokémon Go, as told in one recent question and answer session after an official Nintendo meeting. At 68, the Japanese game designer has fun with his wife and some neighbors to fight, catch and train Pokémon practically every day.

I usually play games that I have created […], but recently I’ve been literally engrossed in Pokemon Go; it’s a dream come true to be able to play with my whole family. I think the average Japanese player is probably over 60“, Declared Miyamoto, confirming how much he could have appreciated for a long time, with more and more mature fans and formidable coaches who are anything but kids.

A bit like the famous grandfather who rides a bike in Taiwan on which he has mounted well 64 smartphones to form a sort of peacock tail to really capture them all.

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