Pools for the garden from 20 euros: These are our top recommendations

Pool with and without a metal frame

If you are looking for a little refreshment in the hot temperatures but don’t want to spend a lot of money for it, you should take a closer look at the popular inflatable pools. The basic principle of these pools is quickly explained and just as easy to set up, because the pools are actually only the larger representatives of the paddling pools: You fill the upper ring with air. Then water is only slowly let in. Common above ground pools cost between 20 and 50 euros.

Much more stable and durable are the so-called frame pools, i.e. pools that are held in place by a frame that is usually made of metal. These pools fit significantly more water – and there is a real “swimming pool” feeling. The setup is a bit more complex, but anyone who can pitch a tent can easily put a frame pool into operation. The prices start here at around 100 euros.

Tip: In contrast to a smaller, inflatable pool, pools with frames generally remain in place for the entire season. In addition to the actual pool, you should therefore think of cleaning accessories and chlorine tablets in good time so that the water can be used longer.

Note: The prices for pools are currently climbing continuously. The metal-framed pool presented here, for example, only cost around € 129 just two weeks ago. It is quite possible that prices will continue to rise in the next heat wave.

You can find more information about the pools in our detailed purchase advice.

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