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On Tuesday 21 June they were announced resignation with immediate effect of the two of MindGeek’s top executivesthe company that owns the porn site Pornhub. As stated in the press release issued by the company, the managing director Feras Antoon and the COO David Tasillo however, shareholders of the company will remain: “MindGeek’s executive leadership will manage the day-to-day interim operations, while the search for a replacement is ongoing “.

MindGeekwhich also owns an adult film production company, it has often been involved in controversial events over the past few years. In the 2020was brought on the verge of bankruptcy after that Pornhub has been cut out of the Mastercard and Visa payment circuit following some investigations into the presence of illegal content on the site and in the 2021 There have been several allegations according to which MindGeek would have violated federal laws of the United States on sexual abuse and child pornographyallowing users to post content involving individuals under the age of 18. MindGeek has always denied these allegationsbut following what are indicated as differences between the now ex ad Feras Antoon and the owner of the company Bernd Bergmair, a change of leadership was opted for that guarantees a “long-term growth”.

Despite the controversies, MindGeek, which is based in Luxembourg, still has a position of absolute domination on the market of pornografia in streaming. In 2018 the company’s earnings reached 460 million dollars (about 435 million euros), with a profit margin of just under 50%. Following the scandal of Mastercard and Visa and the resulting crisis, the current leadership has attempted to recover by promising more stringent controls on their own contentsbut according to rumors it had already been for some time that the relationship between executive and property had been thesis.

A source close to Bergmair who spoke with the Financial Times some weeks ago defined the situation “precarious, specifying how the owner had been dissatisfied with the company’s management for some time. Some have speculated that Bergmair is considering selling, but according to another source, the Austrian investor is currently reluctant to separate from the company. It is therefore legitimate to expect a change of direction that will not revolutionize the company’s business model.

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