Portable air conditioner or cooler: checkmate in the heat from 300 euros down

Summer has finally arrived, with temperatures often remaining above 30 degrees even at night. In order not to succumb to the heat you need to arm yourself with portable air conditioner or cooler: the most practical and economical products to use to enjoy some refreshment without necessarily having to focus on an expensive and cumbersome fixed air conditioner. The two types of gadgets are fundamentally different from each other, but together with the common fans both serve to spread a bit of coolness in the room in which they are placed. Choosing the most suitable product – and above all choosing one with a cost commensurate to your needs – is not always easy, which is why we have collected the most valid products of each category, ordering them from most to least expensive.

Portable air conditioner and cooler: what are the differences

I portable air conditioners they are also called portable air conditioners, and are the products most similar to classic fixed air conditioners: they cool the air in the house using a refrigerant circuit through which a gas passes, which collects the heat stored in the room and transfers it to an exhaust pipe facing the outside of the house. Among those that can be transported around the house without a real installation, it is absolutely products more powerfull and efficient; on the other hand, however, the operation requires the use of an air compressor, and therefore it is Noisy and above all it requires a forum for communication with the outside world drainpipe.

I evaporative coolers they are sometimes called portable air conditioners without hose – precisely because of this significant advantage over their counterparts with exhaust pipes – but they are not really air conditioners. The fresh air they emit is in fact cooled not by a refrigerant gas but by simple water, or in some cases by ice cubes or synthetic ice blocks. The process makes these devices extremely easier to carry room by room, but also more silent; on the other hand, the operation is a lot less efficient; the resulting cooling is less and the tank must be refreshed from time to time in order not to make the cooling power of the device completely ineffective.

Air conditioners, coolers and fans for less than 300 euros

Considering that portable air conditioners are devices with more complex operation, they are also the most expensive on average. Coolers follow and close the podium of the average price i normal fans, ancestors of both categories. Below we have rounded up some of the most popular gadgets of every type of product, trying to cover all price ranges from 300 euros downwards and to focus on products from fast deliveryso that they can start as soon as possible to give some relief from the heat of these weeks.

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