Positive for COVID-19, but the Green Pass is valid

At present, the effectiveness of the Green Pass risks being called into question by a technical problem: VerificaC19 is unable to report any anomalies when scanning the certificate in possession of a result citizen positive for COVID-19. A critical issue that, for obvious reasons, must be resolved as soon as possible.

The Green Pass has a flaw to fix

The flaw ended up under the magnifying glass of public opinion after the appearance of the news concerning a boy who, violating the forty, he traveled by train from Milan to Turin without being stopped, despite having contracted the disease days before. A system bug that will soon be resolved, as communicated by the leaders of the Piedmont Region to the editorial staff of The print.

It is true: the Green Pass does not track the condition of quarantine, it is a problem that will soon be solved. In Rome they are already working on correcting the application to align information management.

Nature work in progress of the Green Pass is not in itself a bad thing: it allowed us to introduce the enhanced version of the certificate and to intervene on critical issues that have emerged over time, from those related to revocation until the production of counterfeit documents. We will also align the validation through VerificaC19 to information about those who test positive for the virus.

The Interior Ministry has made it known that the debut of the Super Green Pass (the strengthened one) did not bring with it particular difficulties, despite the intensification of the control activity of the police on the national territory.

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