Preview Build 25145 to Insiders

The work of the Redmond group on Windows 11, with the aim of improving the operating system launched last year. Today is the debut of the Preview Build 25145, released to Insiders on the Dev Channel. The package includes some of the new features that will be made available to everyone via an update later on.

What’s new in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25145

The most interesting is the integration of OneDrive in the Platform Settings. With the update, in the Account section, alerts are shown about the remaining space quota on the cloud. There is also the option to get up to an additional 100 GB with the Standalone subscription, in just one click. In fact, the same functionality already seen in recent months for the subscription to Microsoft 365.

Still, theVoice Assistant (Narrator in English) by Windows 11 improves the management of drivers that allow the use of Braille devices, the legacy service Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) becomes an integral part of the operating system, the ways of consulting the history relating to access to resources by system applications evolve and File Explorer (File Explorer) opens a new tab by simply clicking the middle mouse button on the window.

To all this is added the inevitable list of fixes and bugfixes which characterizes every new build of W11. Among the problems solved there is also the one that caused the anomalous appearance of a completely black screen on Surface Pro X in an attempt to wake the device from standby.

It is, as mentioned, one preview release. For this reason, the use is not recommended for those who use the PC daily for work or study and who, consequently, need a stability of the platform without imperfections or smudges.

Official licenses are also available on Amazon for Home versions e Pro.

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