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How will we look at the A league in the 2021-22 sports season? And where will we find the Champions League? It will in fact be a destabilizing year for many of the past habits, with Sky that partially leaves the scene (unless there are twists and turns with last minute chords) e DAZN which becomes the absolute protagonist of football in Italy. It will be the year of streaming, therefore, in a revolution that is very similar to the one that the parables of Tele + brought to Italy in the 90s.

It now remains to understand how the matches will be distributed and how it will be possible to enjoy the best of both your favorite team and the performance of your players in Fantasy Football: a year of passions that must start from cost and opportunity assessments, therefore, analyzing the different exclusives, the possible subscriptions, the discounts and the options available.

Serie A and Champions League: how to choose

Here is a summary of the options available for the major events that Italian and international football will propose during the 2021/22 season:

  • How to watch Serie A
  • How to see the Champions League

The following are indications reserved for sports entertainment only, but some of the subscriptions also include something else included in the price: it will be a year of change, so it is necessary to ponder your choices to the fullest in order to enjoy your passions to the fullest on your smartphone, tablet, pc and tv.

Choose DAZN

DAZN made the big hit, conquering i Serie A TV rights for the next three seasons. In short, those who want to have access to all the matches of the top league have no choice: only DAZN has this possibility. The subscription will have a higher cost than the last season since it now covers the whole Serie A and not just a few games: it goes from 9.99 euros per month to 29.99 euros per month. Anyone who is already registered by 28 July, however, will be able to save 10 euros per month for the first 14 months of subscription, ie the whole summer and the whole following year. The first year of Serie A on DAZN for ex-season ticket holders (both DAZN and Sky), in short, will cost € 19.99 per month.

Diletta Leotta, face of DAZN

Not only Serie A: DAZN is an all-round service dedicated to sport and its offer also includes more than Serie A:

  • international football (Liga, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, FA Cap, etc.)
  • motorcycling (MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3)
  • NFL
  • Eurosport (including Tokyo Olympics)
  • DAZN Originals (“El Presidente”, Linea Diletta and more

DAZN: costs, discounts, details

In summary, this is the cost of DAZN 2021 season tickets:

  • New subscribers: 29.99 euros per month
  • New subscribers by 28/7/2021: 19,99 euro (for 14 months)
  • Former DAZN customer via Sky: 19,99 euro (free use until 8/31/2021)

This figure includes 6 enabled devices, 2 of which are simultaneously. This means that you can watch the game on your smartphone while away from home even if there is someone at home taking advantage of DAZN on the TV. The management of the devices is done through the app or through the official website in the same way as Sky already did up to now with its Sky Go.

To subscribe to DAZN you can carry out your first subscription starting from here. At any time it is possible to cancel the subscription, with the possibility of reactivating it at will at a later time.

Scegli Sky e Now

Sky subscribers who intend to continue their subscription will have the opportunity to access the Sky Calcio package costing 5 euros per month, available from October 1st. Until then, viewing the channel will remain free, which suggests that this is the latest possible date for a possible agreement between Sky and DAZN for greater sharing of content than the current agreements. Sky passes from having a quasi-monopoly on Serie A to having only 3 games a week, moreover without exclusivity: only DAZN has the possibility to offer access to every game, none excluded.


To this limited package, Sky adds Serie B, Bundeslida and Ligue 1, as well as a selection of the best of the Premier League. As always the subscription management it will be carried out through the “Do it yourself” area on the Sky website or by contacting the assistance for the reshaping of your package.

Sky: costs and details

The Sport package, on the other hand, once again includes all the best of the Champions League (with Inter, Atalanta, Milan and Juventus engaged in the run-up to the coveted title) and all the matches of the Europa League. In short, the best of European football will remain on Sky until 2024 and is also accessible through the homologous streaming offer of Now. The pass is priced at € 14.99 per month and includes:

All matches of UEFA Euro 2020, Serie A TIM 2021-24 with 3 matches out of 10 every day (matches on Saturday at 8.45pm, Sunday at 12.30pm and Monday at 8.45pm), Serie BKT 2021-24 with all 380 seasonal games, plus playoffs and playouts. The UEFA Champions League 2021-2024 with 121 matches out of 137 per season, the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Europa Conference League 2021-2024, with all matches visible also thanks to Diretta Gol. A selection of Premier League matches for the 2021/2022 season, Bundesliga for the 2021-2025 seasons and Ligue 1 for the 2021-2024 seasons. All Formula 1 Grand Prix until the end of the 2022 season, all MotoGP until the end of the 2021 season. International Tennis including Wimbledon until 2022, all ATP Masters 1000 tournaments, the Nitto ATP Finals, 5 ATP 500 tournaments and 7 ATP 250 tournaments per season until 2023. The NBA show including the Regular Season, Playoffs, Finals and All Star Weekend until the 2022/23 season, European basketball with a selection of Turkish Airlines EuroLeague matches and of the 7DAYS EuroCup until the 2023/24 season, the Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 channels and much more.

Choose TIM Vision

TIM Vision is the real “third wheel” in the tug-of-war between Sky and DAZN for the control of sports entertainment in Italy. The package “TIMVISION Calcio e Sport“, In fact, it’s a real one potpourri which brings together in a single package all the Serie A TIM of DAZN, the UEFA Champions League of Infinity +, the Tokyo Olympics with Eurosport, up to the Serie B, Liga, MotoGP, Libertadores Cup and NFL.

TIM Vision

TIM Vision: costs and packages

The price? 19.99 euros per month for 12 months, but for those who subscribe immediately the package is free until August 31st.

In addition, it is possible to hypothesize further “bundles”, for example by adding Disney + (24.99 euros / month), Netflix (29.99 euros / month) or both services (34.99 euros / month) to football and sport. Much more than an alternative to Sky and DAZN, in short: TIM Vision literally seizes the ball to get noticed as the new great protagonist of streaming TV for the new season. The price of the package would theoretically be equal to 34.99 euros, but the first season is blocked at a basic offer of 19.99 euros: this is the real added value, but in the absence of other offers, the price will become official at the end of the first ones. 12 months subscription (obviously with the possibility of immediate cancellation).

Choose Amazon

And then there is Amazon. Any subscriber Amazon prime (36 euros per year and the first month is a free trial) will have the opportunity to watch for FREE in streaming the best challenges on Wednesday, selected by Amazon to better serve Italian users and teams. Amazon’s entry into this challenge is very important as it generates further competition in the online offer and enhances the quality of service and the online transmission capabilities of live events. A new world, all to be discovered, which will put a strain on an Italian ultra-broadband network that is still extremely penalized and has fragmented coverage.

In the future the price of the Prime subscription may change, but to date the addition of the Champions League matches is only a free gift with no additional costs to bear. A very welcome gift.

Streaming on TV: which devices?

The recommended device for a better experience of streaming on TV is the Fire TV Stick 4K by Amazon. If accompanied by an Amazon Prime subscription, in fact, it first of all allows the use of a series of contents included in the price, it also allows access to a large part of the Champions League, and finally enables access to other essential apps such as DAZN.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The alternatives are many:

New smart TVs usually have direct access to some of these apps, but only these devices allow access from any TV to any app with the utmost ease. Without limits. Without obstacles. Never offside.

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