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The Authority for Communications has a well-founded fear: that the multiplication of streaming arriving with the start of the next Serie A football championship could lead to dangerous upheavals on the Italian internet. As is known, in fact, the rights were acquired from DAZN and the vision of the matches will move completely to the online channel. This will have two consequences: on the one hand there will be a new and very high pressure on traffic, creating dangers in terms of performance both for customers. DAZN, both for normal users of internet traffic; furthermore, there is the danger that operators may carry out policies that are contrary to net neutrality, assigning traffic priorities that could prove to be unbalanced and transparent. AGCOM warns DAZN and operators: safeguard the network Hence the choice to act in advance, by publishing an “address” that forces the parties to put their cards on the table. The provision has two explicit objectives: to avoid network congestion phenomena, resulting from traffic peaks, which could occur in correspondence with the simultaneous transmission of one or more football events; to prevent inefficiencies for subscribers and to counteract the degradation of the quality of the service Internet access for all users The document first of all provides that DAZN and all network operators alternative to TIM explicitly and in advance define their own traffic management policies: DAZN and network operators alternative to TIM must define before starting of the next football season (22 August 2021) the operating methods for distributing traffic within its networks and managing any malfunctions using technical solutions based on the so-called “Edge” (Content Delivery Network) CDNs, which allow to minimize the delay in the use of the requested contents while preserving their quality. In particular, DAZN will be required to provide operators with national broadband coverage of the order of 15% (Fastweb, Vodafone, WindTre) storage (caching) and transmission equipment to be integrated into its own transport networks (so-called “DAZN Edge”), in number and geographical distribution adequate to manage a sufficient share of the overall traffic of the service. In the case of lower market shares (eg Tiscali, Eolo, etc.), the number of devices will be reduced proportionally. A further effort is required of DAZN itself, a protagonist before this revolution: DAZN will have to collaborate with network operators the implementation of alternative technical solutions, also at the level of transport protocols, which allow the transmission on the Internet of the requested contents to the recipients of the service and in a more efficient way, avoiding duplication of information as a further guarantee of the integrity of the access networks and of the services provided on them, AGCOM promises to be vigilant and asks the parties involved to be proactive in providing the Authority with the information requested. As known, Sky has been looking for an agreement with DAZN for the sharing of matches for some time, which would lighten the network (moving traffic back to the dishes) and help to manage this situation. AGCOM, while remaining outside these diatribes, nevertheless asks for the utmost respect for the network: the latter, as a collective service good, must be protected by virtue of its fundamental role in communications.#agcom #SerieA #DAZN– AGCOM (@AGCOMunica) June 24, 2021All the protagonists of the next Serie A are warned: AGCOM wants to act ahead of time, before the situation can degenerate at the start of the new season. Today’s provision is important in several respects. The first is to guarantee all citizens a reliable and fast network even in the presence of important media events. By doing so, we also protect DAZN subscribers and, at the same time, we affirm the principle that the platforms cannot escape the commitments deriving from the overall stability of the system Giacomo Lasorella, President of AGCOM

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