PS5 Slim really exists, but you can’t buy it

The dimensions of the PlayStation 5 make it the most bulky console ever produced by Sony: 39x26x10 centimeters. A volume necessary to house the next-gen hardware compartment of the platform, while ensuring optimal heat dissipation. Sooner or later the version will also arrive PS5 Slim, to suggest it is the past history of the Japanese giant. We are sure of it, but the wait could last a few years. There are those who have decided not to be willing to wait, preferring to do everything themselves.

Someone made the DIY PS5 Slim

The project do-it-yourself was made by Matthew Perks, youtuber of the DIY Perks channel, starting from a unit of the Digital Edition. The one without the player for disc games, so to speak. The whole process is documented in the video below. The duration is not the shortest: almost half an hour, in which the author explains in detail each step necessary to obtain the final result, truly surprising. It’s worth it, enjoy it.

Beyond considerably reduce the overall dimensions of the console, as well as its weight, managed to do the same with the temperature reached by the internal components during operation. It is in all respects a small engineering masterpiece. Obviously, those who are lucky enough to have already managed to reach out to the platform (perhaps taking advantage of one of the Drops organized by online stores), categorically avoid any experiment of this type: without the necessary technical skills, the result can be disastrous.

Find one PlayStation 5 it still represents a business today, but things could change soon. Sony is optimistic about the console availability from now to the end of the year e Amazon confirmed its intention to make it bookable directly through its store. THE dark times for the next-gen they may be almost finished.

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