Qi charger for just under 20 euros: iPhone owners in particular can look forward to it

Anyone who wants to conveniently charge their smartphone or tablet wirelessly will be delighted with the Terratec ChargeAir dot: The device shines in the test with top performance, especially with iPhones, and at just under 20 euros it is much cheaper than the original Equipment. We reveal what our price-performance tip can do in detail here. In the video we show what you should generally consider when buying a wireless charger.

The Terratec ChargeAir dot at a glance

the Terratec ChargeAir dot is very cheap with a price of around 20 euros and in most categories it can even compete with our leader of the leaderboard, the Anker PowerWave Alloy, keep up. With its top performance, fair price and good equipment, the Terratec model is currently our price-performance tip.

The details: The Terratec ChargeAir dot is absolutely impressive in terms of performance and is almost in no way inferior to the competition at the top of the list. Our test device (iPhone 11 Pro) is fully charged again after 3:48 hours – a very fast charging time. The Android test device (Galaxy Note 10) needs an average of 2:56 hours. It also scores in the “equipment” category: the set includes a power supply unit and a charging cable as accessories. A status LED is also on board so that users can easily find out about the current charge level.

A better overall grade fails due to the partially missing functionalities. For example, the position of the loading area cannot be varied and there is no dual charge option. If you don’t mind this, the Terratec ChargeAir dot is a good Qi charger with top performance at a low price.

Our conclusion at the time of testing:

“The Terratec ChargeAir dot convinced us in the test: Compared to the frontrunner, there is only a small deduction in the “Efficiency” category. Apart from that, the buyer gets a device on the same level, our test iPhone even charges a little faster with this charger. Still In addition, the user also pays significantly less. The TerraTec is also our price-performance winner.”

You can read the entire test report here.

Terratec ChargeAir dot at a glance

Terratec ChargeAir dot at a glance
  • Performance: Very good (1.4)
  • Facilities/Comfort: Good (2.5)
  • Efficiency: Good (2.5)

The Terratec ChargeAir dot scored well in our test and, with its very reasonable price, became our price-performance winner. With its very good performance and decent equipment, the wireless charger can keep up with the test winner. Only in the “Efficiency” category does it lose points compared to the leader.

19.9 Euro

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The Terratec ChargeAir dot in the price check

In order to be able to compare the price transparently with other shops, you can see the most exciting offers from the competition in the following list.

If you are not sure whether the Terratec Qi charger is the right model for you, we also offer you an easy-to-use advisor who will use a few questions to show you which Qi chargers are right for you.

Below you will also find an extract from the top list of Qi chargers – so you can compare the Terratec model with devices from other manufacturers at a glance.

Note: Prices can change at any time and at short notice.

How to find the right Qi charger

If you don’t like the Terratec ChargeAir dot, you should try our product finder: Simply click on the answers that best match the questions. From all the products tested, the finder then selects the devices that most closely match your expectations.

The 5 best Qi chargers tested can be found in the list below. The entire models in the test can be found in our full leaderboard.

Qi chargers in the test

  • Anker PowerWave Alloy

    Anker PowerWave Alloy
    Offer from BestCheck
    • Performance (1.0)

    • Amenities / Comfort (3.0)

    • Efficiency (2.0)


    away 27,99

    price assessment

    Very cheap (1.1)
  • Anker PowerWave II Pad

    Anker PowerWave II Pad
    Offer from BestCheck
    • Performance (1.1)

    • Amenities / Comfort (2.1)

    • Efficiency (2.5)

  • Terratec ChargeAir up

    Terratec ChargeAir up
    Offer from BestCheck
    • Performance (1.3)

    • Equipment / Comfort (1.3)

    • Efficiency (2.9)

  • Samsung Wireless Charger Stand (EP-N5200)

    Samsung Wireless Charger Stand (EP-N5200)
    Offer from BestCheck
    • Performance (1.0)

    • Amenities / Comfort (2.1)

    • Efficiency (3.9)

  • Kingston HyperX ChargePlay Base (HX-CPBS-C)

    Kingston HyperX ChargePlay Base (HX-CPBS-C)
    Offer from BestCheck
    • Performance (1.3)

    • Facilities / comfort (1.7)

    • Efficiency (2.7)

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