Razer Barracuda X, the affordable 4-in-1 wi-fi headphones

We previewed the Razer Barracuda X headphones, compatible with PC, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and Android devices. They cost 99 euros

They are called Razer Barracuda X the latest wireless headphones presented by the company specialized in gaming founded in 2005. The peculiarity? Be usable as wireless headphones on PC, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and Android devices (this is called “4 in 1”). The connection is very simple; just insert the transmitter with USB-C input to the device, hold down the power button for paring, and that’s it. We have tried them both on pc and on PlayStation 5 and the match was immediate. They can also work as simple non-wi-fi headphones, using the standard 3.5 mm cable and connecting them to all devices equipped with an input with the classic jack connector.

Having also been designed for outdoor use, perhaps in gaming sessions with Nintendo Switch or simply as headphones to listen to music on an Android smartphone, the Razer designers have rightly opted for a clean and minimal design. Via the RGB lighting, certainly scenic but superfluous, yes to smooth surfaces and a reduced weight, equal to 250 grams.

Wearing them is pleasant thanks to the soft headband (telescopic) and the pavilions covered with a generous foam (memory foam). All controls and outputs are positioned on the left side and are easily accessible. The build quality is excellent, as is the fit. The only note must be made to excessively shiny plastics that highlight the fingerprints.

The contents of the package

The sound

From a technical point of view the Barracuda X are equipped with thin pavilions that house the driver Razer Triforce da 40 mm, which divide the audio driver into 3 distinct parts for individual adjustment of treble, midrange and bass. The sound performance is crystal clear; the sound is always clean and distortion-free, even at very high volumes. We tried them both for listening to streaming music and in gaming sessions with the PlayStation 5. The thick padding of the pavilions helps in the rendering of mids and highs, which are always clear.

Another strong point of the Barracuda X is the Razer Hyperclear Cardiod Mic, that is the removable microphone able to turn them into perfect playmates in online gaming sessions. Also in this case the sound performance of the microphone is up to par with a crystalline voice reproduction without background noise.


The Razer Barracuda X are proposals at 99.99 euros. Difficult to find better at the same price range, especially in terms of versatility. Using user feedback, Razer’s engineers and designers have managed to build a headset that convinces in virtually all respects. Good build quality and sound performance. Then convinces the possibility of being able to use them as headphones standalone for pc, thanks to the possibility of using the removable microphone, but also of being able to use them outdoors as simple wi-fi audio devices.

Ultimately the Barracuda X represent an ideal choice for all those looking for a versatile product for gaming, with the solidity that distinguishes Razer products, at an absolutely competitive price and able to be used both in fixed locations and in outdoor gaming sessions. ‘open with an Android smartphone or with the Nitendo Switch.

Vote: 8

Wired: Build quality, sound performance

Tired: Excessively shiny material, not compatible with Xbox and Apple products

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