realityOS will be presented at WWDC 2022?

Next Monday will be held2022 edition of the WWDC from Applean event at which the company will unveil future versions of its operating systems and perhaps will present as well some news on the hardware front. Also on this occasion, while remaining on the subject of software updates, it could find space as well realityOSil already chatted operating system of the much discussed visore AR/VR of the group.

Apple may present realityOS for its headset during WWDC

In fact, according to what was reported by the expert Parker Ortolani over the past few hours, in December last year Apple would have filed a couple of trademarks having as a registration date for the world market on June 8, 2022. Therefore, it would not be just a case that the day indicated in the documentation coincides with the period in which the WWDC will be held.

The “apparently non-existent” company is Realityo Systems LLC, which could easily be a company created specifically by Apple to file the trademark. Furthermore, the address of the company coincides with that of the equally mysterious company that the Cupertino company had indicated in the past for the versions of macOS identified by some locations in California.

It should also be taken into account that the deadline of 8 June was set two days after the WWDC keynote and that Apple generally files trademarks for the products announced at WWDC one or two days after the event.

To reinforce the hypothesis there is also a third document filed with theUSPTO again with date 8 December 2021, which provides for an international registration on 9 June 2022, therefore in perfect line with everything else.

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