Refuel cheaply: These are the top 3 free tank apps

2021 will not be a good year for drivers who are still using gasoline and diesel engines. As a result of the new CO2 tax, which has been in effect since January 1st and is passed on from the providers to the customers, fuel prices have risen significantly. While you had to put around 1.20 euros per liter of Super E10 on the table in 2020, prices of over 1.50 euros are no longer uncommon.

Nevertheless, you can still refuel cheaply: the time of day and the choice of gas station have a major influence on the fuel price. With the right app, you can always fill up at the lowest price. We present our favorite apps for cheaper refueling below.

Our favorite: Clever refueling

With “Clever Tanken” you get a versatile tank app that guarantees you the lowest price.

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At Clever refueling The name says it all: the integrated “Magic Map” tells you where to find the petrol station with the best price. You can choose between all common types of fuel such as super, superplus, diesel, natural gas, LPG and more. You can also activate push notifications in the tank app, which will alert you as soon as a petrol station in your area offers fuel at the low price you have set – an extremely helpful feature.

Gives Clever refueling Cooperates with the HEM petrol stations, this guarantees the individual user a low price guarantee. The user of the app can compare all prices of the various petrol stations within a radius of 5 kilometers. If he finds a cheaper one than the HEM petrol station in the same area, its price will be reduced exclusively to the lower price. To do this, the user has to create a screenshot of the lower price and present it to the HEM petrol station. This is then scanned in and applied to the current price. This is how the “Clever Deal” works.

Not only are there charging stations for e-cars in the app, a smart price forecast is also on board. Based on data collected in the past, an AI calculates whether it is more profitable for you to refuel now or to wait an hour or two. Small drawback: The app is financed by advertising, which is nested at the bottom of your screen. This can be removed for a purchase price of just under two euros.

Especially exciting for Stromer: More refueling

On Free-App
The free “Mehr Tanken” app is an exciting tool, especially for electric drivers.

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The free app More refueling is the most innovative solution in terms of tank apps. In addition to the data from the Market Transparency Unit, users can report price updates themselves in a matter of seconds. The app also calculates, based on the data available, whether it is worthwhile for you to refuel now or whether you should wait a few more hours.

In addition, several thousand electric charging stations are integrated in the app and the prices of hydrogen filling stations can also be compared with little effort. An app that already thinks ahead and is definitely worth a download.

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