reverse wireless charging in the program?

The iPhone has many features. Among these, reverse wireless charging. For some reason, it was never activated. What if it was for the iPhone 13?

Every year, we know thatApple will launch a new generation of iPhone. And every year, we ask ourselves the same question. What will be the novelties? In addition to the purely material improvements to gain in performance and efficiency, real innovations are expected. The iPhone 13 could thus be compatible with the reverse wireless charging.

What if the iPhone 13 finally turns on reverse wireless charging?

One of the features that we see quite often on devices Android high-end, it’s reverse wireless charging. The idea is this: you use the power of one phone to wirelessly charge another device, such as a smartphone. It’s nothing to write home about, the speeds are very slow, but it’s a great alternative to have if you need a bit of battery life.

That’s what EverythingApplePro thinks it knows

This is not a feature that currently exists on the iPhone but if we are to believe the latest rumors from EverythingApplePro, it could be that the iPhone 13, expected at the end of the year, can integrate this option. The report claims that this model would have larger coils for wireless charging, these would be used for reverse wireless charging.

It’s impossible to know what the output power could be with this feature but it’s a safe bet that it does not make much difference compared to what the competition offers. If the Cupertino company had to integrate such a function into its iPhone, it would mainly be to recharge a small product, such as AirPods.

According to files Filed with the FCC, Apple iPhones already technically have this reverse wireless charging capability, but for some reason it was never activated. This new article also goes against information transmitted by Mark Gurman, often well-informed journalist at Bloomberg, who said a few months ago that it was very unlikely that this function will arrive on the iPhone in the future. close. Who is right ? The future will tell !

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