Rivian wants to compete with Tesla in Europe in early 2022

The Rivian R1S should go into production this year. (Screenshot Rivian / t3n)

The US startup initially wants to launch its R1S electric SUV onto the European market. The schedule seems ambitious, at the same time the start of production of the workhorse R1T is being delayed.

The electric car manufacturer has announced “Some time in early 2022” as the date for its European expansion. The he replied to a request of potential customers. Should the time approach, Rivian will announce further details. One can hardly wait to jump over the pond, according to the company, which has received lavish investments from Ford and Amazon. Recently there were rumors that it was looking for Factory locations in the UK, Hungary and Germany. It is also said to have advertised the first positions for delivery planning. Most recently, Rivian caught the industry’s usual delays.

The SUV Rivian RS1 is supposed to stand up to the Tesla Model X. (Photo: Rivian)

SUV R1T as a competition for Model X

According to unconfirmed information, Rivian could plan to do the first in this country SUV R1S on the market bring to. It represents the second model of the startup. It started with a fully electric pickup called the R1T. The R1S is based on the same platform and is available with up to four engines. Each unit has an output of 147 kilowatts. Customers can configure the total output between 300 and 562 kilowatts. The most powerful model catapults the seven-seater to 100 kilometers per hour in three seconds. Rivian specifies the maximum speed at 200 kilometers per hour. The manufacturer provides battery capacities of 104, 135 and 180 kilowatt hours. The range is therefore between 370 and 644 kilometers. In addition, the car should Level 3 autonomous driving dominate. Prices in the configurator start at $ 70,000.

Delays and funding rounds

Most recently, Rivian had to postpone the start of delivery of the draft horse R1T. It is now scheduled to start in spring 2022. At the end of November, those who have pre-ordered the “Launch Edition” will receive their final delivery dates. The company originally planned to deliver the pickup before the SUV. However, it did not adjust the start of delivery, officially the R1S should go to customers this year. Rivian also produces for Amazon special fully electric delivery vehiclee. Allegedly, the startup works in various Billions of dollars in funding raised has a range of smaller vehicles for the European and Chinese markets.

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