Robinhood share price collapses: new all-time low

Once again Robinhood he has to lick the wounds caused by someone who made a move much sooner than he thought. In fact, the famous exchange has found itself the victim of a new all-time low due to the fact that it is FTX US e Bitstamp USA announced the possibility of opening shares to trading. Today there is already a platform where you can do it thanks to eToro and the many solutions that help you diversify your investments. Is called MetaverseLife, the first smart wallet dedicated to those who want to buy stocks and cryptocurrencies directly in the metaverse.

Robinhood’s share price collapses

Basically, after this news the price of actions from Robinhood plummeted to new lows. Just last Tuesday the president of FTX, Brett Harrison, had tweeted that his exchange is working to open the possibility for users to invest even in actions.

We are working hard on the stocks! Feature we are planning for day 1.

Such a choice will not only shorten the important gap it was with Robinhood, but it will complement what FTX US had already begun to do by introducing fractional trading of tokenized actions. Obviously, it will take some time before the new feature can arrive, but according to some rumors it should be a couple of months.

Dangerous for Robinhood is the statement of Robert Zagotta, CEO of Bitstamp USA, which he gave in an interview with Bloomberg January 14, 2022. Again, as with FTX, the exchange is considering entering into shares, cryptographic derivatives and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Here’s what Zagotta said about it:

This is a very competitive space and there are some very significant players. Therefore, we must be convinced that we have the right to win in this space.

If the two exchange were to really conclude this operation, there could be many investors, who now operate on Robinhood, to be attracted. Actions low cost are always highly appreciated.

To offer stock trading for crypto exchanges it would mean capturing the attention of investors of meme actions and route them to collide with giants of the caliber of Robinhood who offer trading both in cryptocurrencies, but also in stocks.

However, there is no need to wait. Indeed, eToro has recently introduced MetaverseLife, its first and new smart wallet made exclusively for those who want to buy stocks and cryptocurrencies directly from the metaverse. Moreover, there are also companies not directly based on blockchain such as Apple, Amazon and Sony. Try it and find out how easy it is to invest.

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