Romantic scams, when it’s too good to be true. The new episode of the Wired Crime podcast

‘How did he fall for it?’ The classic question faced by the victim of romantic scams. Let’s face it, we all had such a (albeit vague) thought when we faced the women who became Simon Leviev’s targets in the docufilm The Tinder scammer on Netflix. In reality, it’s not that hard to fall prey to criminals who hide behind reassuring profiles on dating apps and social media.

In this episode of Wired Crime the criminologist and journalist Cristina Brondoni outlines the typical profile and the mode of operation of online scammers. How do they choose the victims? How do they manage to approach them? And above all, how can we recognize them and avoid falling into romantic scams?

In the studio with Cristina Brondoni, Sara Uslenghi of the editorial staff of Wired. At the production, Giulia Rocco.


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