Safe documents and devices even in water with the Cressi baby carrier

If you want to keep your documents and electronic devices safe from splashes, splashes and sand when you go to the beach, we have the solution for you. The Cressi Kangaroo waterproof belt bag protects your most important items from small summer accidents.

Cressi Kangaroo Dry Bag waterproof pouch: technical characteristics

Cressi’s proposal is quite simple: it is a pouch made entirely of PVC high quality. The absence of any kind of fabric prevents water from penetrating, keeping all the contents of the pouch safe. Of course it is not only the material used that provides the waterproofing, but also the closure system. This is made up of well 3 hermetic closures, which prevent water from entering, made even more secure by the velcro strap. The latter allows you to fold the 3 closures in order to avoid accidental opening.

It is therefore a decidedly essential accessory, but extremely useful not only at the sea or in the pool. It can be a convenient ally during a boat trip, as well as for fishing or diving and equally for water sports such as rafting or canoeing. Very comfortable it is indeed shoulder strap with clip closure, which allows you to wear the pouch as a shoulder strap, simplifying any movement while wearing it. A comfortable, light, easy to use tool that can avoid unpleasant accidents.

The pouch is available in the black variant on Amazon just 21,33 euro.

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