Safe USB-C neck fan for long hair

The product we are going to deal with today is a portable fan different from the classic battery-powered fans with visible fans. This is the ASZKJ neck fan, an indispensable tool to combat summer temperatures, extremely versatile and practical.

ASZKJ neck fan: technical characteristics

The difference from traditional fans is primarily in the design. In this case, in fact, we are talking about a “band” in ABS e silicone. The silicone in the back allows not only to have a soft surface to rest on the neck, but also a practical adjustment system to adapt to each individual. Then there are no visible fans, which in this case are enclosed within the band, generating an air flow distributed over almost the entire profile of this. They are indeed present 48 vents that allow the flow to escape and homogeneously refresh the head. It is an extremely practical and effective solution to freshen up at any time and without any encumbrance. Excellent both for sport and for a simple walk, or to enjoy a good book lying on the sofa away from the summer heat.

Of course he owns one built-in rechargeable battery, in this case from 1800mAh and with charging via USB Type-C. Not a small detail, considering that most of these products still use the micro USB standard. The safety design also prevents hair from getting tangled in the fan blades, making it absolutely safe even for those with long hair. Also excellent is the noise that stops at only 25db, so as not to disturb watching a movie or reading. In any case the speed is adjustable on 3 levels, allowing those who prefer the flow of air to silence, to have a much more powerful ventilation. In short, although simple and essential, it is an excellent economic tool to get through the summer with maximum relaxation.

The fan is purchasable on Amazon just 19,99 euro thanks to a drop in 20% on the list price.

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