Samsung awards at Didacta 2022

Sowing, growing, planning: three aspects that refer to three phases of our life and that a Didacta 2022 have been matched by Samsung to three age groups with different peculiarities, programs and expectations. For all three, however, a common goal: “Solve fot Tomorrow“, Applying digital services to improve the future.

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow is a project that is fully part of Samsung’s Corporate Social Responsibility vision “Together for Tomorrow! Enabling People “. By offering training opportunities at various levels, Samsung is alongside students, teachers, university students to help them acquire the fundamental skills related to the world of innovation and digital, to encourage the development of soft skills and placement in the world of work. and to enable the innovators of tomorrow to reach their full potential and become the new leaders who will guide the processes of positive evolution in the social sphere.

Solve for Tomorrow

The winners of the contest launched by the group were announced at Didacta 2022, an initiative designed to impose a reflection on the importance of technology in learning methods and practices for the new generations:

Students and teachers had free access to online educational content on the subject of digital citizenship, with the aim of offering the new generations the opportunity to acquire a critical sense and grow responsibly, in compliance with behavioral rules within the digital ecosystem. and able to accurately evaluate the multiple information proposed by the network. The aim is to make the new generations able to use digital services both for their own personal growth and for the benefit of society, while protecting their privacy and their physical, psychological and relational well-being. After a first theoretical part, the classes developed a project on digital civic education, thus putting into practice what they have learned, and at the same time acquiring the principles and norms that govern the digital reality.

Critical sense, awareness, responsibility: essential ingredients to be able to live within a digital ecosystem whose rules are being rewritten, whose practices are being defined and in whose dynamics it is often easy to get lost with serious side effects on sociability and the ability to fully express one’s potential.

In recent years, digital has become increasingly important in our lives: from communications to entertainment, from information to studies, from payments to new services. This pervasiveness of the digital world must be accompanied by an ever deeper knowledge, in the name of awareness, safety and its full use, especially among young people, of all ages. Digital must be a tool that our children can use to seize new opportunities and be promoters of positive change in the world. With Solve for Tomorrow we have made available our skills and our experience to help teachers of Italian schools to promote a digital culture, teaching children how to use the new tools with awareness.

Anastasia BudaCorporate Citizenship & Internal Communication  Manager di Samsung Electronics Italia.

While the “Design” category still sees the contest in progress, Samsung has already announced the winners of the other two categories:

  • seminars – 3D class ofAngelo Maria Ricci Institute of Rieti
    The class has elaborated a new chapter of the story “Hector and the Labyrinth of the Vegotauro” entitled “The grandmothers cookbook“. The protagonist Ettore transfers the digital knowledge acquired at school to everyday life: to save the recipe book of his great-grandmother accidentally finished in the fireplace, Ettore teaches his grandmother to write her delicious recipes in digital format and publish them on Instagram. The schoolmates support Ettore through a Whatsapp group to exchange ideas and recipes from other grandmothers. The narrative conceived teaches how the web, if used correctly and with the right control of adults, represents a valid sharing tool capable of uniting different generations“;
  • Grow – Classe 2G, Modugno Comprehensive Institute – Moro di Barletta
    The creative idea starts from the concrete experience of the children, who, during the pandemic, had noticed a worsening of their profit, not having been able to meet and go to school regularly. Their project aims to progressively reduce, during the week, the time spent in front of a screen, making the most of the time spent offline. By “accumulating” minutes saved on the screen, at the weekend students reach the goal of disconnection, thus achieving the right balance between offline dimension and virtual reality“.

For the winning classes, Samsung made valuable teaching and learning material available, bringing tools such as the Samsung FLIP 65 ″ IWB to the classrooms that developed the best projects.

Didacta 2022 will continue until 22 May, concentrating the efforts of the world of education for a transformation that sees the digital inextricably at the center of the village. Samsung, a brand that has more than one asset to make available for this historic translation, uses its experience to read this transition phase in the best possible way and thus make it an evolutionary market drive.

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