Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, here’s what the new folding will look like

A summary of all the rumors about the features and design of the new foldable top of the range among smartphones

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 it will be a sort of state-of-the-art catalog for the mobile size according to the Korean manufacturer who will carry one on board top level technical data sheet and will push the design with some very interesting solutions. The latest rumors speak ofelimination of any physical key on the edges, in favor of secondary display controls and a series of special touch sensitive areas. Let’s make a summary of all the rumors that have come up so far.

And let’s start with the latest rumors that focus on the edges of the top of the range folding. According to what was unearthed by LetsGoDigital, Samsung has filed a series of patents on the official website of the appropriate international body Wipo (World Intellectual Property Organization) with the elimination of the classic keys to control volume and zoom, but also to manage power on and off, to save screenshots or take a photo. This is because when the device is closed it is thicker and less manageable.

tasti samsung galaxy z fold 3
(image: LetsGoDigital)

As a replacement, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will build on a system that will detect pressure and gestures with extensive customization. The operation is easy to say: with a tap you can activate the smartphone from standby, a swipe towards the other increases the volume or the zoom and vice versa it lowers it down, a double tap can for example take an instant photo or save one screenshots and so on. Without buttons on the body it also increases the resistance of the device to external agents such as moisture, water splashes or dirt.

The presentation of the new Fold 3 – which could debut with the Flip 3 and the so-called tablet Tri-Fold – is expected for next August. The technical data sheet provides the presence of the S-Pen nib inherited from the ex-Note range, a new version of the Utg 2.0 glass or Ultra Thin Glass with the flexible and very thin glass, ltpo type display with a frequency of 120 Hz, Snapdragon 888 chip with 5G accompanied by 12 gb ram and a 512 gb memory, 4275 mAh double cell battery with fast charging and suggestive hypothesis of a front camera under the secondary display.

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