Samsung ISOCELL HP3 da 200 MP per Galaxy S23 Ultra?

Samsung announced the new ISOCELL HP3second photo sensor with a resolution of 200 megapixel. Compared to the previous ISOCELL HP1 there are several improvements, including the smaller pixel size. They have been circulating for a few weeks indiscretions on the presence of the sensor in the Galaxy S23 Ultrabut a well-known leaker has excluding This possibility. It will definitely not be integrated into Galaxy Z Fold 4 e Galaxy Z Flip 4.

ISOCELL HP3: sensor specifications

Il Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a 108 megapixel rear camera that allows you to get high quality shots even in low light conditions. Samsung has further improved photographic technologies with the new ISOCELL HP3. The pixel size decreased from 0.64 micrometers of ISOCELL HP1 to 0,56 micrometri (-12%), while the optical format went from 1 / 1.22 “to 1 / 1.4” (-20%).

Using small pixels reduces digital noise, but at the same time also decreases the amount of light detected. Samsung has solved the problem with technology Tetra2pixel which combines 4 pixels in one to get a 50 megapixel sensor with 2.24 micrometer pixels or 16 pixels in one to get a 12.5 megapixel sensor with 2.24 micrometer pixels.

An improved version of the technology has been developed to increase the dynamic range of HDR images Smart-ISO Pro. L’autofocus Super QPD instead it allows to have clear images, thanks to the use of a single lens for every four adjacent pixels that detects the differences of phases horizontally and vertically. The sensor supports the 8K video recording at 30 fps or 4K at 120 fps.

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