Samsung reveals: how televisions can be remotely rendered useless

Samsung can disable televisions with a “TV Block”. The company has that in one Press release made known. According to this, the TV blocker switches off the television as soon as it is connected to the Internet. After that, almost all functions of the Samsung TV are blocked and the device can practically no longer be used. This TV block is slumbering in all Samsung TVs worldwide.

But honest buyers don’t have to worry about Samsung suddenly turning off their device. The manufacturer has now activated this block after riots in South Africa, for example. A warehouse there was ransacked and numerous Samsung TVs were stolen during riots.

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Samsung TV: This is how the block works

The serial numbers of the stolen devices have now been blacklisted by Samsung. As soon as the devices connect to the Internet and the serial number matches, the block is activated. This is intended to disrupt the trade in stolen TV sets.

Should a device block incorrectly, those affected can still act. If you contact Samsung and provide proof of purchase, you can have the lock lifted within 48 hours. So far, however, there have been no reports that Samsung devices have been incorrectly blocked via the TV block.

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