Scrolling and cookie walls are prohibited

The Guarantor for the protection of personal data has published the new ones guidelines on the use of cookies. The update of the previous version (2014) takes into account the changes introduced by the European regulation on privacy (GDPR) and other factors, including user reports. The authority has banned scrolling, cookie walls and repeated requests for consent. Guidelines on cookies: news The Guarantor first of all specifies that, at the time of the first access to the website, only technical cookies can be stored on the user’s device. For all others (for example statistical and profiling cookies), as well as third-party cookies, explicit consent is required. The minimum information must be written in clear language and must contain the link to the privacy policy (extended IT) with an indication of any other recipients of the personal data and the times of their conservation.The banner shown at first access must contain a button to accept all cookies and a link that leads to another page where it is possible to give or deny consent for the individual features. By clicking the closing X button (top right), the user can continue browsing the site, without giving consent to cookies other than technical ones.The aforementioned banner must not be shown again at each subsequent access (if the user has not deleted the cookies). There are only three exceptions: modification of the processing conditions, impossibility of knowing if a cookie has already been stored in the device, request for consent older than 6 months.The Guarantor also specifies that consent cannot be expressed by simply scrolling to the bottom of the page. The use of the cookie wall is also illegitimate, that is the system that prevents users from accessing the site if they do not express consent to receive cookies. The owners of the websites have six months, starting from the date of publication in the Gazzetta. Official (No. 163 of 9 July 2021), to comply with the new guidelines.

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