Secret of Monkey Island: Dust off for free now

Amazon Prime members not only have free access to loads of films and series, but also free PC games that change every month. All you need is the Twitch-Platform. Because Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime) is included in the Amazon subscription.

There are currently a total of seven games that you can secure permanently for free.

All games and in-game content can be accessed via the Newly available Amazon Games app for Windows load. There you simply log in with your Amazon Prime account and then have access to all free games.

Gaming highlights in July: This is what gamers can look forward to

Loads of different titles are waiting for you at Prime Gaming.

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These titles will be added to the range in July and will be available for free until the end of the month:

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition – The naive hero Guybrush Threepwood embarks on a hilarious search for the legendary Monkey Island.

Batman: The Enemy Within – The Telltale Series Help both Bruce Wayne and Batman when they get to the latest chapter of Batman – The Telltale Series are forced to assume new, dangerous roles.

RAD Jump into a 3D action roguelike in a post-post-apocalyptic world where humanity did not survive the end of the world once, but twice.

The Wanderer: Frankenstein”s Creature Experience the Frankenstein myth through the eyes of the creature, make your own decisions and influence the worldview of the people you meet on your journey.

Tales of the Neon Sea Immerse yourself in a world of intrigue and distrust, where tensions between humans and robots continue to escalate, while gangster cats are determined to get to the top of the food chain.

Car maker Poses in the resource management / puzzle game Car maker Prove your skills: design kitchens, program machines and awaken the genius in you!

Portal Dogs In dem Puzzle-Jump-n-Run Portal Dogs a pack of dogs follows its king through the world of portals. The only catch: you have to control all dogs at the same time.

Amazon Prime: The Benefits of Membership

The Prime subscription, which among other things guarantees free shipping on Amazon, costs 7.99 euros per month with monthly billing, and 69 euros for twelve months with annual billing. In recent years, Amazon has the Prime membership benefits significantly expanded – there are exclusive special offers and access to Prime Music, Prime Video and Prime Photos.

Up until now, Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus were the first point of contact for gamers: for a monthly fee, the Microsoft and Sony networks regularly provided subscribers with new games. With Amazon and Twitch, there is now a competitor that is particularly interesting for PC gamers.

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