Secure your vacation photos

Unforeseen events are always around the corner: just a phone breakdown, a distraction, a theft and all our photos stored on the smartphone disappear in an instant. At the risk of lose precious memories forever. Are you about to go on vacation and don’t want to be caught unprepared? Here’s how to protect all the photographs you take on your next trip.

How to protect your vacation photos: use the cloud

The best way to protect photos taken with a mobile phone is to keep them in a place other than our smartphone. Obviously, taking your computer, USB sticks or external hard drives on vacation is not the most comfortable solution. But you can rely on one cloud storage space: very comfortable, you just need to install the appropriate app and make a daily backup of all the photos. So in case of the unexpected, all your files are kept online and safe.

Cloud: the best applications

Of course there are free solutions, albeit limited. The most striking example is Google Drive, which offers 15 GB of free space to share – however – with your email. If you are someone who takes a lot of photographs and videos, however, 15GB may be too little. Obviously it is possible to buy an extension of the space, even at rather affordable prices, but with a big flaw: what you buy is not the space itself, but the license to use it. And once you are tied to a subscription plan, you will have to put your hand to your wallet on a regular basis to have access to your files.

However, there are some providers that provide an alternative solution. This is the case with pCloudwhich offers two lifetime plans, for life. This means that the space, once purchased, will be yours forever and you can load whatever you want at any time. PCloud is also particularly convenient for storing all travel photographs, since the files are automatically synchronized between all devices linked to the account. And thanks to the integrated media player, you can view videos and photos directly from the application. Convenient, but above all secure: pCloud applies TLS / SSL and crittografia 256-bit AES for all uploaded files, of which five copies are still made on different servers.

There are two plans availablein promotion: da 500 GB for 175 eurosda 2 TB a 350 euro and the new custom plan from 10 TB to 990 euros. The former is certainly cheaper, but you could run out of 500GB pretty quickly. The 2TB one, on the other hand, could give you some stability in the long run.

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