Segway embarks on the robot lawn mower

Segway is entering the robotic lawnmower market. Here is the Navimow, a very interesting high-end device on paper.

Many of you know Segway as the company that tried to revolutionize the concept personal mobility. Unfortunately, his devices now exist more in movies than in real life. A situation which logically pushed the company to turn to other categories of products. One of them is the robotic lawn mower. here is Navimow.

Segway enters the robotic lawnmower market

We have to admit that robot lawn mowers are pretty cool and futuristic, much more so than many traditional mowers. And even more so than some of the robot mowers that exist on the market today. This Navimow robot uses GPS. Thus, instead of having to configure it to define the area to be mowed, the GPS and its on-board sensors allow it to act in complete autonomy.

Here is the Navimow, a resolutely high-end device

L’application mobile dedicated also helps the user to define areas of his garden that he does not want to mow and, according to Segway, the Navimow is smart enough to determine his mowing plan so as not to have to pass over an area already mowed. The Navimow robotic lawnmower can cut the grass between 3 and 6 cm, manage terrains with a maximum slope of 45 ° and it is IPX6 certified. In other words, even if the ground is wet, it does not fear anything.

The Navimow robotic lawnmower is also able to detect objects and people. Thus, as soon as it detects a child, for example, or an animal, its blades stop rotating to avoid any risk of accident. If it starts to rain too hard, the rain sensor is triggered, which stops mowing and the device returns to shelter on its charging station.

This looks very interesting on paper. Unfortunately, the Navimow is not cheap since Segway offers it for $ 1,400. If you find that such a device can be useful in your garden, do not hesitate. All the details on the brand’s website.

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