Semrush 2021 study: 5 key figures on mobile and PC search results

Find key figures on search results, traffic and trends, on mobile and desktop.

Search results, traffic, and trends can vary from mobile device to computer. © Semrush

Semrush recently published the 2021 edition of his study on search results, traffic and trends, on mobile and PC. To perform its analyzes, the publisher relied on traffic data for the 1,000 most visited domains in 2018, 2019 and 2020, but also on the top 50,000 keywords by search volume in its American database. .

1. Organic traffic from major sites increases by 22%

Between 2019 and 2020, the absolute traffic volume for the 1,000 most visited websites in the world increased by 22%. This very strong increase can be explained in part by the global pandemic, but also thanks to the world domination of these leading sites, which always amass more traffic as they grow.

In 2018, nearly 10% of global traffic was already generated by these 1,000 sites; this figure has doubled since it reached 20% at the end of 2020. It is also important to note that the share of mobile visits has greatly increased in 2 years, going from less than 50% in 2018 to 66% in 2020.

Organic traffic growth in 2019 and 2020 © Semrush

2. Computer visits are 40% longer than on mobile

While the average time spent on a site for PC users increased by 3% in 2020, this is not the case on mobile, with a decline that continues from year to year (767 seconds on average in 2018 against only 624 in 2020).

Unsurprisingly, there are 40% longer visits on the computer.

Year after year, the average time spent on mobile sites decreases. © Semrush

3. Only 0.2% difference for the bounce rate between mobile and computer

The 3% gap that separated the average bounce rate for mobile from that for computer gradually closed over the year 2020, since it narrowed to 0.2%. On the mobile side, the average bounce rate remained stable since it ended the year without having really changed.

The average computer bounce rate increased sharply in 2020 © Semrush

4. 37% of URLs disappear from the top 10 when searching on mobile

Many sites are losing visibility in mobile search, and only 8% of pages belong to m-dot domains (sites specifically designed for mobile). We can observe that out of 463,210 URLs in the top 10 of SERPs on computers, only 293,899 are still in the top 10 on mobile, which represents a drop of 37%.

Many well-placed pages on computer are poorly referenced on mobile. © Semrush

When we consult all the pages that appear in the SERPs for the analyzed keywords, only 11% keep the same positioning between searches on mobile and on computer. Conversely, 31% of URLs disappear from the top 100 Google SERPs when we go to mobile.

Only 11% of pages keep the same SEO on mobile. © Semrush

5.12.5 times more images in organic mobile searches

According to the study, the frequency of occurrence of certain SERP-related features tended to vary depending on the type of device used for searches. The most significant difference concerns images, we find 12.5 times more often on mobile in organic search. The same goes for videos which appear three times more often on mobile. Conversely, optimized snippets and Google Ads ads appear twice and 2.5 times more often on desktop, respectively.

Featured articles and other questions asked don’t really vary between mobile and desktop SERPs. © Semrush

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